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❓ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


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Are you guys resellers?

No, we have direct contact to our developers.

Where do I purchase the software?

Please check our https://forum.lime.ac/store/

What payment methods does Lime accept?

Our payment providers accept Bitcoin and Credit Card. We can support most other cryptocurrencies via support ticket.

Can I schedule a screen share?

Yes, please contact a staff member, we will gladly show the software working.

Are updates included?

Every package purchase includes 1 year of support & VIP forum access.

When will I receive my device after purchase?

Since we have to order and assemble the device individually for every new client, please calculate a few days before the device arrives, optionally we provide tracking information.

Does it work on my crappy laptop?

Yes, it (probably) does.

Can I play on a single PC?

As of 28.08.22, we do not recommend it anymore.
Please see the dual PC setup as a safe alternative.

How does Dual PC Setup work? (Capture Card required)

One PC handles your gaming environment and the other handles your processing environment. Your equipment is seamlessly passed through our special device and modified by the processing PC that is fed with capture card image data. The USB data received on your gaming environment will look like any other. Therefore any system running on your gaming environment can not see that you are using assisting software.

What capture card would I need for dual PC setup?

We regularly give updated recommendations in our private section after purchase.
Low latency capture cards (that we use) usually cost $200 and can be bought at regular stores.
Those require a PCIe slot or Thunderbolt 3 port on the second PC.

Can I use the capture card I already have?

Maybe. Please contact our support.


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