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I started off with a healthy bit of skepticism over the product due it being new to the market and the pricing scheme, but it seems to have paid off in spades. The hardware arrived exactly as estimated by the dev and the instructions were concise so I did not have much trouble with the setup (same with the software).

Initially I had some trouble due to my unconventional PC settings (4k resolution with DPI scaling), but the dev worked with me patiently and resolved it all within a day. Now it's working perfectly; the features themselves are top notch and highly customizable depending on your playstyle. Additionally, I see a new build being created every time I run the app and have not run into any security problem thus far. For the record, I am using a single PC setup.

Overall I'd certainly recommend this product based on its features, quality of service, and security as long as you're okay with the length of purchase.

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